‘ Neighbours in Europe

Acting together- learning from each other - getting closer to each other

Meeting and co-operation in joint projects of European schools


soon after the fall of the Berlin wall ( 1991) the co-operation between the "Gymnasium Friedrich ... and the Gymnasium Westerstede was started., followed by the first project "Baltrum -Süderbäke Jäglitz " in 1993. In 1994 it was "Finding out about a landscape (region) " and in 1995 the pilot project "Neighbours in Europe " took place in Kyritz.This led to an European co-operation between 7 schools from 6 countries, which goes fa beyond the original project.

Since then the project "Neighbours in Europe " aims at investigating a region in Europe in a complex ,cross curricular way. In mixed teams from all the schools involved the students are to get to know the history, the people and the characteristics of a region in Europe. However, the projects are only a means to an end : co-operation regardless of their mother tongue and their level of foreign language skills.All the schools consider this a step towardsthe future , into a Europe , where a lot of nations work peacefully together using lots of different languages.

About 85 students and 15 teachers take part in the projects . A lot of them learn German as their first or second foreign language and all of them understand English so that these two languages are going to be the basis for communication.

The project is being promoted by the EC (Sokrates/ Comenius programme) , Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung, The foundation "Ost-Westliche Begegnungen, Deutsch polnisches Jugendwerk and Pädagogischer Austauschdienst in Bonn.


Basic ideas of the project :


Examples of projects until now :


1. Kyritz1996 Ostprignitz / Brandenburg /Berlin


2. Poprad


3. Westerstede


European partnership project "Neighbours in Europe
- a project by 7 schools from 6 countries

Host for Emmen 1999 : Katholiek Drents College (KDC) - Netherlands
28/5/99 - 5/6/99


Participants :86 students and 16 teachers

Project work:
The participants worked in mixed national student groups under the guidance of one or two teachers from the international team
The themes originated from the region.Since a different school is host every year our topics are always different.


Emmen 1999 :


The 47 girls and 31 boys have not, however,only come together in orderto learn and to investigate. The freetime is deliberately part of the project. There is time to get to know each other, to exchange experiences and to have fun with each other.
The camp in the sports park Meerdijk in Emmen was set up for nine days. We could use the rooms and facilities of the SC Angeloo .
Below the projects are described in English and German.Besides you ‘ll find lots of interesting pictures.